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A medical worker administers a dose of COVID-19 vaccine to a girl student at the Hangtian Campus of the Beijing Yuying School in Beijing, Aug 21, 2021. [Photo/Xinhua]


>Vaccines for children above 33-11岁人群新冠疫苗接种启动

China has approved three domestic COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use in children aged 3 to 11, aiming to vaccinate all eligible children by this year's end, a health official said on Saturday. Wu Liangyou, deputy director of the commission's disease prevention and control bureau, said recent research and studies have shown that inactivated COVID-19 vaccines are as safe and effective among people aged 3 to 11 as they are in people aged over 18. 国家卫健委疾控局副局长吴良有10月30日表示,目前国药中生北京所、武汉所,科兴中维的新冠灭活疫苗已经获准在3至11岁人群中开展紧急使用,我国将积极引导3至11岁适龄无禁忌人群"应接尽接",力争在年底前完成全程接种。

He said two inactivated vaccines developed by Sinopharm and one inactivated vaccine created by Sinovac Biotech have been cleared for emergency use in people aged 3 to 11. 研究显示,新冠病毒灭活疫苗在3至11岁人群中的安全性和免疫原性,与18岁以上人群没有显著性差异。

He added that vaccination targeting young children will also abide by the principles of voluntary participation and informed consent. 吴良有表示,将按照知情、同意、自愿的原则开展3至11岁人群的新冠疫苗接种。

As of Friday, 3.53 million doses had been delivered to the age group, Wu said.截至10月29日,3至11岁人群已接种新冠疫苗353万剂次。


Children play cage football at a sports park in Shanghai, on May 30, 2021. Located in the Jiading District of Shanghai, the sports park converted from a factory is opened to the public recently. [Photo/Xinhua]


>China to add 1,000 sports parks by 2025我国将建约1000个体育公园

China will build or expand roughly 1,000 sports parks nationwide by 2025, said a guideline released Friday by state organs, including the National Development and Reform Commission. 国家发展改革委等部门10月29日联合印发《关于推进体育公园建设的指导意见》。《意见》提出,到2025年,全国将新建、改扩建1000个左右体育公园。

These parks should be built in open, natural spaces where sports facilities do not occupy too many vegetated areas, said Ou Xiaoli, an official with the commission, at a news conference. 国家发改委社会发展司司长欧晓理在新闻发布会上表示,要建设与自然生态融为一体的开敞式的体育公园,不是健身设施过度侵占绿色空间的体育公园。

No less than 65% of the land area of the sports parks should be vegetated, the guideline says, stressing that the building of these parks must not cross the country's ecological red lines or do harm to the ecosystems. Real estate development and excessive commercialization are not allowed in sports parks, said the guideline. 根据《意见》,体育公园绿化用地占公园陆地面积的比例不得低于65%,确保不逾越生态保护红线,不破坏自然生态系统,避免体育公园房地产化、过度商业化。

Sports facilities in these parks should meet the demand from all age groups, such as fitness trails for the elderly or football pitches for the youth, it added.配套设施要满足各个年龄人群的运动需求,既要有满足中老年人群需求的健身步道,也要有满足青少年需求的足球场等设施。


Shanghai Disney Resort. [Photo/IC]


>Shanghai Disney Resort suspends entry上海迪士尼停止游客进入

Shanghai Disney Resort suspended entry to its theme park and surrounding commercial area to cooperate with a COVID-19 epidemic investigation request from other provinces on Sunday. 上海迪士尼度假区官方微博10月31日发布消息称,接外省市协查通报,为配合新冠疫情流调,上海迪士尼乐园和迪士尼小镇从即刻起停止游客进入。

Guests who are inside the park are reminded to comply with pandemic prevention measures including wearing a mask and maintaining social distance, and they are required to take nucleic acid testing at the exit, the resort said on its official Weibo account. 所有已在乐园的游客在离园时需要在出口处接受核酸检测。游客需严格做好佩戴口罩、保持社交距离等防控措施。

The resort apologized for the inconvenience and said it will provide information on ticket refunds and exchanges. 上海迪士尼度假区表示,对此带来的不便深表歉意,将为所有受此影响的游客发布退换票的相关信息。

The resort opened a Halloween carnival from Thursday to Sunday. 10月28日至31日,度假区举办"万圣狂欢日"活动。

The office of Shanghai epidemic prevention and control leading group said that people who had visited the resort over the weekend need to immediately notify their residential neighborhood committees, companies and schools, and take COVID-19 tests at designated hospitals and clinics.上海市疫情防控工作领导小组办公室发布通告称,10月30日至10月31日期间进入上海迪士尼乐园和迪士尼小镇的所有人员应主动向所在社区和单位(或学校等)报告,并应立即前往就近的指定医疗机构进行核酸检测。


The National Press and Publication Administration has tightened requirements for online game companies to limit service hours for minors.[Photo/IC]


>Schools encouraged to curb online addictions教育部发文预防网游沉迷

Primary and secondary school students should not bring digital devices, including cellphones, to classrooms and students who have applied to bring such devices to school should turn them in for custody, a new notice said on Friday. The notice, issued by the Ministry of Education and five other departments, aims to curb online gaming addictions among underage people.10月29日,教育部等六部门联合发布《关于进一步加强预防中小学生沉迷网络游戏管理工作的通知》。《通知》要求,学校要对经申请带入校园的手机等终端产品进行统一管理,严禁带入课堂。

Online gaming companies should strengthen content verification for online games, which should not contain unsafe behaviors for students to imitate, violence, vulgarity or superstitions. 网络游戏企业要加大内容审核力度,坚决杜绝网络游戏中含有可能引发中小学生模仿不安全行为、以及恐怖暴力、色情低俗、封建迷信等内容。

They should strictly implement requirements for real-name registration and logging, and can only offer one hour of service on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays to primary and secondary school students. 要严格落实实名制注册和登录要求。网络游戏企业可在周五、周六、周日和法定节假日每日20时至21时,向中小学生提供1小时网络游戏服务。

School faculty members should educate students to prevent them from entering internet cafes and curb developing online addictions through scientific and proper means.学校教职员工发现学生进入互联网上网服务营业场所时,应当及时予以制止、教育。采取科学合理的方式对中小学生沉迷网络行为进行预防和干预。


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