"I can't wait to crawl in bed with you tonight. Pray that my flights are smooth w/ no delays. By the way, I'm sleeping in tomorrow. -Are we really waiting till 2011 for babies?"

Whenever Claire Vath, 26, travels on business, she hides notes for her husband, Stephen, also 26, around their Birmingham, Alabama, home. “Our relationship was founded on letters, e-mails, and instant messages,” Claire says. “We have boxes of notes from the past ten years.” P.S. They’ve decided not to wait until 2011 for a baby.我快要等不及了,今天晚上要和你一起厮守。但愿今天的航班别误点吧。还有,我打算一直睡到明天。我们真的要等到2011年再要宝宝么?26岁的科莱尔·华斯经常出差。无论走到哪里,她总会给住在阿拉巴马州伯明翰同为26岁的丈夫史戴芬藏个小纸条。“在我们的感情世界里,有许许多多这样的纸条,电子邮件,还有即时通讯,”科莱尔说,“过去十年里,我们攒了慢慢一盒子纸条了。”另外,他们决定在2011年前生个宝宝。

"Darling I can't replace you"

From Jenny Weaver to Mark Bjerke, college students in Santa Rosa, California. “Scribbling the note on the envelope flap is unexpected,” says Bill Shapiro, editor of Other People's Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See, “and unexpected is good when it comes to love letters.” 亲爱的,我不能没有你。珍妮和马克是加利福尼亚州圣·罗莎的学生。“把这句话写在信封封口的地方,实在太令人意外了”,分享情书杂志之”你未曾想过的150份情书“的主编比尔说。而且,最绝妙之处,这居然真的是从一封情意绵绵的情书上摘来的。

“Honey, I miss you. I work hard, hoping that, because I do, I’ll be able to see you sooner. I can truthfully say that I live for the day we can settle down for the rest of life together. Don’t ever doubt that. All of my love, Bill.”

One of hundreds of letters that Bill Neff, a soldier stationed in Europe, sent to Maxine King from 1942 to 1944. Bill returned home safely, and the two married and lived happily together for 60 years. He died in 2002. Maxine is now 90.亲爱的,我想你。我每天努力着,期望着。因为我明白,我很快就能见到你了。我真心的希望我们能一起渡过生命的每一天。我深信不疑。最爱你的,比尔。比尔是驻守欧洲的一名士兵。1942年至1944年间,他总共给马克西妮写了一百多封这样的信。比尔从前线平安回家后,俩人结婚,快乐的生活了60余年。比尔2002年去世,现在马克西妮已经90岁了。

“You are very close to your family, which is good. I’ve realized during my travels that to have a family is important. I’m crazy about you. Consider me as part of your family. Forget my Mr. Know-It-All demeanor. Under it all, I love you.”From John Hill to Sandy McCormick in 1980, after they’d traveled through Europe together after college. She returned to the United States, and he followed her with his correspondence. They’ve been married for 23 years. 你和你的家人在一起,这是好事。我终于明白在旅行的过程中有家人的陪伴有多么重要。我想你,想的快发疯了。把我也当成你的家人,好么。别再计较我那不懂装懂的样子了。一切都抵不过,我爱你。1980年约翰和桑迪大学毕业后,一起进行环欧洲旅行。在桑迪回到美国后,约翰一直和她保持通信联系。现在,他们已经结婚23年了。

Leland, do you like me or love me? Circle one. I love you. Write back please.I love you Jana but don't tell anybody or they will tease me. Love Lee"

Fourth graders Jana Glasgow and Leland Elliott (circled at left) shared this exchange in 1973. “He was my first love,” Jana says. “Whenever we watched a film in school, we held hands under the desk in the dark!”



" J -Thank you for the past four nights; I hope we have four million more. I Love you. -A"

A 1994 note from a woman to her boyfriend, whom she later married. "This is great because it’s so succinct and specific," Shapiro says. "The 'four nights' and 'four million more' say it all."杰,这四天真要好好谢谢你。我希望我们有四百万个这样的日子。我爱你。艾。1994年,一个女人交给她男友一张这样的纸条。后来,他们结婚了。“如此简洁而细致的感情,真是太了不起了,四天和四百万天足以说明一切。“

"I look at you now and feel my breath catch just as it did on that drizzly April day when your poor father walked you down the stairs and into marriage. And I think now, just as I did then, that I already have my share of blessings without ever counting past the first. You are my one, but that isn't the blessing. The first is knowing I am yours."

Jay Heinrichs wrote this to his wife, Dorothy, 28 years after that April day. It appeared on the first page of a book of photos of their life together, his anniversary gift to her.”我注视着你,却难以抑制我的呼吸,就像在那个朦胧的四月,你的父亲和你一起走下楼,我们结婚了。此时此景,恍如往昔。我要对你献上我所有的爱,一丝不留。你是我的唯一,还不止这些,最重要的是我明白,我属于你。“结婚28年后,杰把和妻子多洛斯共同生活的照片整理成册,作为结婚纪念礼物送给妻子。在扉页上,杰写下了这段话。

" I love you baby. Janet will you marry me?"

William Sisson, 39, posted this collage on Facebook the same day he proposed to Janet James, 31. “This is the perfect proposal for the Facebook era,” Shapiro says. (She said yes.)我爱你,宝贝儿。珍妮,嫁给我好吗?39岁的威廉姆斯,在Facebook上向31岁的珍妮求婚。”这大概是Facebook上最完美的求婚了“。女主角同意了:)

"Dearest Lauren, In our twenty years together I have never loved you as much as I have the past few days."A husband to his wife, a few days after she’d given birth to a son with Down syndrome. At the time, they knew he’d need heart surgery. The family is now thriving, just as predicted in this letter.最爱的劳伦斯,过去的几天里我对你的爱胜过以往,哪怕是二十年也不济。一位丈夫给妻子的留言。妻子刚刚生下一个患有唐氏综合症的儿子。同时,他们得知儿子必须马上接受手术。就像纸条上写的那样,一家人正在渡过难关。(译言网翻译)